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Black Moth Super Rainbow meets Prince on the new Tobacco single “Eruption.” This is pop music like nothing you’ve ever heard, an MJ-style gilded bubble gum jam poured through the wrong end of a kaleidoscope.

Tobacco is Tom Fec, the frontman of BMSR. Fec has been missing from the scene for almost year four years, ever since 2010’s LP+EP combo, Maniac Meat/LA UTI, turned the thumbscrews on what previously been a friendly, if subtly sinister sound. The two records combined the best of underground hip-hop’s ugly noise fetish with the producer’s inborn fetish for melodies so sweet they seem to curdle upon exposure to the air.

"Eruption" is a turn back to the kind of comfort-zone represented by the older Black Moth Super Rainbow records. It’s weird, but catchy enough not to scare off the rest of your study group. Fec should be added to the list auteurs proving that autotune is anything but dead—it’s not the one trick of a one-trick pony but rather a platform to explore an entirely different genre of vocal music

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